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Laas Vegas Reunion

 A Letter from Our Executive Director


September 19, 2022

Hello everyone!  It is 2 months after our reunion and I am finally writing to give you the lowdown on that.  Congratulations to us all for a most successful event!  For the first time, almost everyone paid in advance – a huge improvement from years past!  Of those who had to pay at the gate which were less than a handful, all of them had called, emailed or texted me in advance to say that they were paying at the reunion as they had made the decision late. I must say it was such a relief for the committee to be able to relax and enjoy themselves without having to worry about whether we would reach our financial goals.  We had time to make the seating arrangements and the food arrangements in advance.  Thank you all so much for your cooperation!  That made the difference between chaos and running a smooth operation!  We still ran in the red for one event but the souvenir program and the sale of Class 72 T-shirts more than made up for the loss (and it was a minimal loss).  So we can now breathe a little.  We have been able to pay off some of our debt – the bathroom expenses have been paid to date; we still owe some on our ASOCIMAI scholar but we should be able to manage by this time next year.

We had a few problems that we hope to correct at our next reunion: 1) We need a banner to show people where to go; 2) We need a cash bar at our Thursday night and Grand Ball night.  If there are other things that need improvement, please do not hesitate to call or txt (757-753-9237) or email ( me.

We have started to plan for the next reunion which we moved to July 12-16, 2023.  We were supposed to have it at National Harbor in Maryland but when I canvassed the hotels for their rates, they were prohibitive – both Gaylord and MGM would have been over $300 per room per night which I was sure would have reduced the attendance by a lot.  So I looked into Northern Virginia which is close enough to National Harbor and also close to Washington, DC and the Board finally approved us going to the RITZ CARLTON HOTEL AT TYSON’S CORNER.  They had very competitive rates for rooms, food and beverage.  THE CUT OFF DATE FOR ROOM RESERVATIONS IS JUNE 12, 2023.  We have only 40 rooms blocked for July 12 and 13 and 70 rooms for July 14 and 15.  I asked for the same room rates for 2 days before and 2 days after the event in case anyone wants to stay longer and enjoy the attractions that the area had to offer.  So please reserve early!  We will set up the reservation information on our website ASOCIMAI.ORG as soon as the hotel says we can.

We do have a request for donations for Pakna-an through Dr. Thelma Fernandez. The cottages there were damaged during Typhoon Odette and they are requesting us to sponsor the renovation of at least one cottage.  The cost for renovation is the equivalent of $7500.  Some of the members of the Officers and Board have already each donated $150 toward this.  I am appealing to the membership to send in your donations – any amount is welcome – just place FOR PAKNA-AN COTTAGE in the memo line of your check and send the check to:


                                                c/o Dr. Corazon Sanchez

                                                14416 Maple Ridge Ct

                                                Baldwin, MD 21013

Our jubilarians next year are those who graduated in the years ending in either 3 or 8 (e.g. 1963, 1968, etc).  I will start to compile a list from the names that we have on hand.  Those who have been attending regularly, please contact your classmates now so that you can get ready for the event.  Please email or text me the names and contact information of your classmates so I can correct our list or add their names if they are not on our list.  Please ask them also if they want a souvenir program made.  That is one of our great fund-raising methods and a wonderful memento – especially for the silver, golden, emerald and diamond jubilarians.

Love and peace everyone!


14416 Maple Ridge Ct 
Baldwin, MD 21013

September 21, 2021

Dear fellow alumni,


Our finances are in an extremely precarious state.  Please remember that the only source of income we have are the membership dues. We really need your help in adding to our coffers.  The Board met in September and a decision was made to go forward with our reunion next year – YAY!

So your Board decided to launch a MEMBERSHIP DUES DRIVE.  We usually collect dues during the reunion so because we have not had one in 2020 and 2021, only a very few members have so far paid their dues for those years.  WE URGE YOU TO PLEASE CONSIDER PAYING YOUR DUES AT THIS TIME.  We understand having financial difficulties during this time of crisis so if you are not able to send in the total amount, we will accept partial payment of dues.  One can pay $100 now and $100 in 4-6 months. We will accept any donations from those who are able for any amount over the $200.  Please remember that we are a 501C-3 foundation and as such donations and dues are tax deductible.  OUR 501C-3 NUMBER IS - 22-3695805

Payment of dues are really important for the continued health and growth of the organization.  We have obligations to meet which we have postponed in order to maintain our fiscal strength.  WE THANK EVERYONE IN ADVANCE FOR DOING YOUR PART IN THIS.

Please make checks out to ASOCIMAI and send to:

14416 Maple Ridge Ct
Baldwin, MD 21013

My email address, phone number and physical address have been added to this message. Please do not hesitate to  message or email me if you have any questions, suggestions or critiques. I will always be available to you at any time. God bless us all.

For a Healthy and Strong ASOCIMAI,

3 N Columbus Blvd MD 304
Philadelphia, PA 19106

A Letter from our Executive Director -
Dr. Rise Faith Espina Dajao

April 10, 2020

Dear fellow alumni,

I hope that by now you have received Dr. Jerry Murillo’s letter announcing my appointment as the Executive Director upon Doming’s sudden and untimely death. Doming was the heart of ASOCIMAI and kept this association going through good times and bad. I know that he would have wanted to have his beloved friends and relatives surrounding him when he passed but that was not to be. That really hurt us all. Please continue to pray for his eternal and peaceful repose. Some have asked us what happened after his death: He was cremated and his ashes are with his niece in New Jersey. He will be brought home to Leyte to rest beside his beloved sister.

I accept this appointment with humility and with great trepidation. I have huge shoes to fill and I need all your help to accomplish this task. 2020 has been a trying year for us all but in the midst of all the trials and sorrows, we have had some good things happen. Roger and I have finally retired (which is one reason I was able to accept this position) and are now living in Philadelphia to be closer to our children and grandchildren and we now have new professions: babysitter and school bus driver! Much different but really enjoyable!

Our next reunion will be at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas from JULY 6-10, 2022. Let’s make this truly GRAND!

We are requesting everyone to send in their membership fees for the years 2020 and 2021 if at all possible. It is $100/year per person. Our coffers are really down right now so we need some help. Please send your checks to:

                                            DR. RONALD POBLETE
                                            777 RIFLE CAMP ROAD
                                            WOODLAND PARK, NJ 07424

Thank you for your confidence in me. My email address, phone number and physical address have been added to this message. Please do not hesitate to call me if you have any questions, suggestions or critiques. I will always be available to you at any time. God bless us all.


3 N Columbus Blvd MD 304 
Philadelphia, PA 19106

Mail your Registration Form and check payment to: 

Dr. Ronald Poblete

777 Rifle Camp Road

Woodland Park, NJ 07424