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Souvenir Program Advertisement


All jubilarians are encouraged to participate!!!

Graduates of years 1963, 1968, 1973, 1978, 1983, 1988, 1993, 1998, 2003, 2008, 2013 & 2018

Name of Company/Alumni: ________________________________________

Whole Individual Page                       $160.00

Back Cover                                           $500.00

Inside Front Cover                               $300.00

Inside Back Cover                                $300.00

Page Facing Inside Back Cover         $250.00

Middle Pages                                        $200.00

Payment for the souvenir program ads should be by CHECK
made out to ASOCIMAI and mailed to:

Dr. Rise Faith Dajao
3N Columbus Blvd, Apt MD 304
Philadelphia, PA 19106
Cell No. (757) 753-9237

Ad copy should be formatted on an 8x11 page preferably using DOCX format (not PDF),
must be printer-ready and emailed to

DEADLINE for submission is MAY 31, 2023.

Any copy received after this date cannot be printed.

We are encouraging the Jubilarians to make your souvenir program a memorable keepsake
for your jubilee year.  If you are a Jubilarian, please circle your year of Graduation:

Diamond (1963)

Emerald (1968)

Golden (1973)

Sapphire (1978)

Ruby (1983)

Coral (1988)

Pearl (1993)

Silver (1998)

China (2003)

Crystal (2008)

Tin (2013

Wood (2018)

Mail your Registration Form and check payment to: 

Dr. Joseph Graciosa
474 N Lake Shore Drive, Apt 6001
Chicago, IL 60611